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What is WordPress Printable Gift Certificates (A.K.A. WP Gift Certs)

WordPress Printable Gift Certificates provides a platform for service based businesses to sell and manage “printable” gift certificates that can be redeemed at the time a service is rendered.  It allows you to create set Gift Certificate amounts to sell from your Blog or Website via PayPal. When payment is made through the PayPal Website notification is sent back to the plugin and a unique gift certificate is created and e-mailed to the payer. Each gift certificate includes a QR Code which can be scanned from your smart phone and will provide instant verification of the Gift Certificate and amount (requires access to the internet).

Setting it Up

In order to utilize this plugin you will need to have a PayPal business account. While I understand there are other payment options out there PayPal is still one of the most widely utilized methods for small businesses to take payments online.

The first thing you will need to do is go into the Settings page and customize the options to meet your businesses needs. Once you have customized the settings the way you want, go under the Create/Edit page and create your first certificate button. Certificate buttons are how your users will be able to initiate the purchase process. If you setup a certificate with a ZERO value it will show an input box for the user to enter the amount they would like to purchase. Take a look at the sample sales page above to see what the output could look like.

When you have your buttons setup all you need to do is add the shortcode for your button to any page or post and it will be replaced with a small table allowing your users to purchase a certificate.

Managing Your Sold Certificates

Each certificate that is sold includes a unique QR Code (More about QR Codes) which identifies that certificate. If you have a smart phone you can easily scan the code which will direct you to your website and inform you 1.) if the certificate number is valid 2.) the status of the certificate, and 3.) the amount the certificate was issued for. This allows you to ensure the certificate has not already been redeemed and that the amount on the certificate is what the certificate was sold for. The validation requires your phone to have access to the internet as it will query your website to verify the amount.

When you receive and “redeem” a gift certificate you can go into the Sold Certificates panel and set the certificate to redeemed via the admin panel on your site. Once you set it to redeemed any further scan of the QR Code associated with that certificate will return a Status of Invalid – Redeemed.

Consider Donating…. I need beer

I have put a lot of time and effort into developing this plugin. I have every intention of continuing to develop it and support it FOR FREE. Please consider providing me with a small token of your appreciation and donate some cash to buy me a beer for my hard work and effort.

Feature Requests and Support

I realize this plugin is by no means what it could be, but hey there is only so much time in the day. If you would like to request a feature, shoot me an e-mail via the Suburban Media Contact Form or leave a comment on this page. I can’t guarantee that I will be able to take care of every request but if you really need a certain feature and can’t wait for me to get around to it I can give you a quote on what it will take to get the feature added sooner rather than later.  All support requests should also be directed to  the Suburban Media Contact Form or the WordPress Forums.

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